Water's Edge - System 3, plus Contamination Set

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This system will structure all the water in your house, making it much more enjoyable and optimum for you & your families’ health. The Water’s Edge unit will address the pH balance, raising it if it is on the acidic side; it will change the taste, energy level, and bond angle to improve the water. You’ve indicated that you have sediment and build-up in your water, get ready because the bond angle of structured water will literally break off the bond that sediment has to your pipes and appliances! You’ll see sediment flake off of your faucets in no time. You’ll even need to flush out your hot water heater after a couple of weeks or months! The process will start immediately after you have your system installed. The filter paired with System 3 is specifically designed to pick up sediment 5 microns or larger. This will help you not digest the sediment present in your water supply. Sediment can make your water usage complicated…Water’s Edge simplifies those things.

The Chlorine Reduction Set will remove 100-97% of chlorine from your water supply for your whole house, or under a particular sink, no more drinking or bathing in chemicals! It will also remove sediment that is 5 microns or larger. You’ll be drinking well while reducing a dangerous contaminant for your skin and body.

The Flouride Reduction Set is not for your entire house, only under the sink use. Flouride filters need extra saturation time; they only filter about ½ a gallon per minute (gpm), making them only suitable for under the sink use. Flouride is a dangerous chemical that is often added to city and county water. You’ll be saving your family from ingesting some serious poisons by making sure you include this set with your Water’s Edge system. If you’re not quite sure you need this click here to learn more about the dangers of Flouride in drinking water.

The Heavy Metal Reduction Set will remove dangerous metals like Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Thallium, Copper, and others. These metals have dangerous side effects to your health and the health of animals. This set is not for your entire house, but only for one faucet. Heavy Metal Cartridges need quite a bit of saturation time with water, and flow at a low rate. It filters heavy metals out 100% for 325 gallons, and the rate decreases from there upon use.

Make sure you choose your correct line size so that your new system will fit correctly onto your water pipes.