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Structured Water is not the ordinary water we’re used to. Hydration happens when you drink structured water. The benefits that you get personally may range dramatically. Structured water has a lower surface tension, meaning that the water molecules penetrate more effectively. How many times have you heard that you need to be drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day? Well, with Water’s Edge structured water the water molecules can penetrate your cellular walls, flushing out the toxins that we all come in contact with. So those 8-10 glasses are having an actual effect on the hydration of your body. Ordinary water—eh hem—runs right through you. Here’s how Water’s Edge compares:

Below you can see how different levels of surface tension in water affects the body. 

The lower the number, the GREATER the cellular penetration.



So here are few items that you can count on to affect you directly. Everyone will see different benefits.

  • You’ll drink more water because it tastes better.
  • Your thirst is satisfied due to better cellular hydration.
  • Dry skin conditions start to disappear along with skin flaking and itching. Why? Cells are being better hydrated!
  • Big Savings!! You’ll never need to buy bottled water. Bottled water can be 100x more expensive than tap water. Find out how expensive here.
  • You’ll feel better throughout the day and sustain energy.
  • When toweling off after a shower your towel will normally be ½ as wet as it used to be. (Wetter water runs off the body)
  • Your hair normally has more body and less split ends. Oftentimes dandruff and scalp problems leave since structured water hydrates skin cells and rinses shampoos and conditioners away effectively.
  • Less scum build up on the shower door and walls.
  • Water’s Edge System pays for itself several times-it lasts a life time.
  • If you move, just take your system with you.
  • When you water your lawn, you’ll save 25-30%. The water penetrates soil and plant roots before it can evaporate.
Let’s Talk PH and Your Body

“pH” (potential hydrogen) and is measured on a scale of 0 (100% acidic) to 14 (100% alkaline). This measurement is how acidic or alkaline something is. 7 is neutral, below that is acidic and above that is alkaline. When monitoring pH keep in mind that each tenth of a number under 7.0 is 10 times more acidic than the one above it. Example: 6.0 is 10 times more acidic than 6.1, 5.0 is 10 times more acidic than 5.1 and so on.


The author of, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, says: “Chronic and persistently increasing dehydration is the root cause of almost all currently encountered major diseases of the human body.” (This is on pg. 25, in case you read as much as we do.) A dehydrated body is an acidic body.

Water with a low pH (acidic) can be corrosive to plumbing fixtures, hot water systems, and leaves red stains on galvanized pipe.

Leading scientists agree that high acidity is the one cause behind all your worst health nightmares. Dr. Theodore A. Barody, author of the book “Alkalize or Die”, (We were shocked by the title too!) goes into great detail about the body’s pH needs and how to keep yourself balanced. In short, a poor pH – too much acid in your body- can make you old and sick before your time!! Left unaddressed this can set off an avalanche of other serious health problems. Proper pH balance supports life.


  • Water’s Edge battles the dehydration problem.
  • Water’s Edge battles the acidity problem
  • Two Birds. One Stone.
The information here is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.


Growing Healthy Plants, whether it’s a flower garden or a major source of your family’s food, is an important part of life. Many people spend major money on insuring to properly fertilize the ground, buy the best plants, seeds, insecticide and other chemicals—all without realizing that healthy water is #1 to healthy plants. Structured water is the best water on the planet. You can find it in nature and you can find it in your home with Water’s Edge. When water has lost its structure and energy, it no longer is effective in hydrating cells when it is consumed. This includes the cells of plants! Our Water’s Edge System spins your water as it comes into the home or business—through a vortex which restructures it, lowers the surface tension (makes it wetter) so that it is effective in hydrating the cells of your plants.

Plants do not like chlorine! Plants thrive under tender care, good soil and chlorine-free water (which the Water’s Edge system removes!). Because plants are mostly water, it’s obvious that the condition of the water is vital. Structured water penetrates the root system of all plants allowing it to easily absorb necessary water and nutrients for growth. Because the water is in its best form your plants will be also. We’ve found our vegetable gardens yield larger produce that is better tasting. Blue Ribbon at the county fair—here we come!


Healthy water for pets is a must! Pets are part of the family and their health and well-being are very important. Hydration can keep your pets body at or near an alkaline state so that common diseases aren’t as frequent and vet bills are lower.

The testimonies of the pet owners who have the Water’s Edge system in their homes are pretty exciting! Most of us have witnessed an animal being able to tell fresh food from expired food or safe plants from poisonous ones—animals have an instinct about things. Animals can also tell the difference between good water and bad water. An animal’s hydration is just as important as ours. Water’s Edge customers have found that their animals distinguish and know what is good for them, and they’re choosing Water’s Edge!


Water’s Edge is a sediment solution for big or small sediment problems. In nature, structured water breaks the bonds of elements like calcium carbonate and limestone. If scale and sediment are regular occurrences for you we can solve that problem! Scale will be caught in the filter of your system, or flush away naturally. It has been common for households with a new Water’s Edge system to have the need to clean out their faucet screens or showerheads 24-72 hours after installation. The release of years of sediment starts immediately.

Water Heater

Flushing your hot water tank will also become necessary as the built up sediment from months and years falls off the heating element and inside walls of the tank, settling to the bottom. Minerals act as insulation, as the sediment falls off the heating element electricity is saved.

The Answer:

  • a sediment solution that is kind on the environment
  • Water’s Edge uses absolutely no chemicals or additives
  • No pollution to soil table or groundwater
  • Water’s Edge is simply nature harnessed for your existing pipelines