What Water's Edge Customers Are Saying

It is easy and inexpensive to install the Water’s Edge restructuring mechanism. It uses no electrical power, magnets or chemistry. Water pressure moves the flow through a series of ceramic baffles that energizes the water by opening up the hydrogen – hydrogen bond angle, and when the water is consumed it energizes the body water that has been de-energized from the rigors of living life. We are 70 to 80% water which makes cleaning up our water supply a major variable in the health equation. After several years of evaluating clients pre-and post- Water’s Edge consistently reveals:

a) increase in body water hydrogen-hydrogen bond angle,

b) increase in immune system function to peak potential, and

c) stimulation of normal channels of excretion to open, facilitating natural detoxification.

This is the single most useful device you could install that will positively affect your overall long term health. We were given a vessel to come here and serve with. It is our responsibility to take care of our own body. Look! You’re either interested in getting healthy and staying that way or you’re not. Make a commitment to yourself today - - order and install a Water’s Edge.

I do not sell the Water’s Edge unit nor do I receive any reimbursement for recommending it. Yes, absolutely I do have a Water’s Edge in my home.

- Mark L. Mason, Bodyworker (BSAE, MS, PHD, ex-DC)

I have had the Water's Edge system installed at our house, since June of 2011. So, I have had almost three months to determine how much it has helped. I have some pretty specific health issues, which cause me to have a lack of energy, fuzzy thinking and a weakened immune system. Suffice it to say: after drinking and bathing in the Water's Edge water, I have noticed many amazing benefits! The specific areas of improvement I have noticed are: better energy/stamina, softer skin, clearer thinking, no more chronic back pain, a stronger immune system and I am no longer craving sugar. In my opinion, those are some pretty great results! I am sure that it has even helped my dog, Bob - he won't drink any water now but the Water's Edge water! A dog knows best! I would say to anyone out there: give the Water's Edge system a try! It is much cheaper than the other systems (that, to me, are not much more than a custom filter), and you will receive so many more benefits! The last thing that I love about the Water's Edge water...it LOOKS like silk! And it tastes amazing! Please give it a try! *5 months later…* We have had the Water' Edge system, in our house, for over four months now. I have already written about how it has so positively impacted my health (and even that of my dog!). I am writing this time, to tell you how much of a difference it makes, when I travel.

I have had to be in Colorado now, for more than two weeks--the first time I washed my hair, I didn't notice much of a difference--but, the second time, I noticed that all of the softness, and body, that it has had at home, was gone--in fact, it felt terrible, to me! I couldn't figure out why it felt so bad, until I remembered, that I hadn't used the 'structured' water (Water's Edge), that I had brought with me, in jugs (many, many jugs!). I had just used the water from the hotel's faucet, to wash my hair--boy, did I learn my lesson! Sooner than I usually do, I proceeded to wash my hair again--only this time, with water from my 'jug'--lo and behold--all the softness and manageability, returned! 

So--just a little reminder--even our HAIR needs 'love', too! (Water's Edge healthy water!) - Jan G., South Dakota

The first thing I noticed was the softness of the water and how soft it made my skin. The lime scale is not as hard as before and I’ve noticed a big difference. I’ve disconnected my water softener and with Water’s Edge the water is softer than before with the softener. I do energy work and can feel the aliveness of the water. I really can. My fish love it, the fish are in a small bowl with live plants and eco system. The plants and fish are very healthy; snails don’t die as quickly either. My cat’s love it too and drink more water. My plants are doing well; the water seems to be healthier for them. I drink more, it hydrates me without having to drink as much as before, but I’m still amazed at how much water I naturally drink without thinking about it! I love the structuring aspects of it. I stay pretty hydrated, even in the summer and even though I still consume caffeine. I also use the same kind of organic coffee as my sister-but people think it tastes better over at my house! I know that it’s the water!

I've purchased expensive counter top units before and when the water sits for any length it tastes nasty. Water's Edge tastes good all the time no matter what.

- Alexandria, MN

We bought a 40 year old house in Rapid City. Needless to say there was a lot of lime built up in the lines. We had a hot water heater put in when we bought the house 10 years ago. The hot water tank was beginning to make a popping noise from the lime build-up. The lime was on everything from the shower curtains, bathtub, sinks and coffee pots (which didn’t last very long). The cleaning of the house was taking a lot of time due to the lime. We purchased a Water’s Edge System in August of 2008. It took a little time for the lime to get out of the lines but when it did - cleaning takes a lot less time. There is no slime in the humidifier or build up. The filter works as it filters out the lime. When there was a break in the water line in front of our house the filter took care of all the dirt, etc. that came through from that. To think we would have been drinking it! The hot water tank does not make a popping noise any more. The inside plants are blooming and looking so much more healthy. We do not smell the chlorine in the water, it isn’t there. We are drinking more water as it tastes and smells better. My white clothes are staying white longer without bleaching them. The clothes will last longer with this system. It’s nice to take a bath and know my body is not absorbing the chlorine and other chemicals from the water. I also noticed the lawn seemed to stay greener longer without putting fertilizer in the late summer. I expect the sprinklers, hoses, etc. to last longer also. All in all I believe the Water’s Edge System is paying for itself and then some. The machines I have in the house that uses water will be lasting longer. I believe this system would benefit everyone.

- Suzanne & Robert M., Rapid City, SD

After installing Water’s Edge system on our well, there was a noticeable, amazing difference immediately in taste and feel of the water. My wife says it’s a labor saver, the chrome stays clean and she doesn’t have to scrub the shower walls and doors down very often - no scum build up like it used to. I hated the smell of the chemicals I used to use to get the shower doors and walls clean. Now I seldom have to clean them; this water is definitely wetter. Our scale problems are gone, no more ring around the toilet bowl. I know we are healthier, and so are our pets. We don’t have the vet and doctor bills we used to. It just flushes the toxins out of your body.

We have referred several of our friends and family to the Water’s Edge System and they all get the same great results. For the price, you can’t beat it. Much better value for the money than other equipment we looked at. It’s a great product. Just buy it; you will be amazed like we were.

- J.S., Belle Fourche, SD

I have one thing to say after several months’ use: I love my water!

- G.R., Spearfish, SD

I’m into natural health and how it will benefit my family. Water’s Edge lived up to what I had heard about it. What a difference it makes! The scale ring in the toilet bowl is gone, showers and wash basin are cleaner - no scum build up. We don’t have to buy and haul special bottled water for my husband’s coffee maker anymore due to no more scale build up. The water feels and tastes great.

When I first got the unit, and felt and tasted the difference, I couldn’t stop talking about it. My friends thought I was nuts, that is, until they got one, and then I had to listen to them!

- G. Spelts, Black Hills, SD

I raise chickens with 20,000 birds per house as a contract grower. After installing the Water’s Edge system in my chicken house, the water was noticeably wetter and my chicken mortality rate dropped! The water has a lower dyne, or water surface tension rating, resulting in a natural flushing of the cells’ toxins, resulting in an improved immune system. Research studies show that “structured water” naturally kills anaerobic disease-causing bacteria so water becomes like a “natural medicine”. Water’s Edge system water has greatly improved our end product bacteria culture to an extraordinary product in our manufacturing process. We now design Water’s Edge system into each of our new satellite plants we build, to precondition the water.

We noticed an immediate improvement in the taste. Toilet scale ring at the water line is gone, shower walls seldom need cleaning, takes less soap for laundry, hair shampoo, and dishes are cleaner.

Our water had a metallic taste, but is now gone. It was a big improvement for us.

- V.D., Rapid City, SD

We have a foot tub that removes toxins from the body. Waters’ Edge improved the electrical conductivity of the water. Results are wonderful. Our water used to have major scale problems. Now all of our sinks, faucets & shower heads have been cleaned up. We don’t have the maintenance problems we used to have.

- The Jensons, TX

This sure has improved our water. Our water is just lovely. I seldom need to clean the tub and shower walls with no scum build up now, no more scale problems and no more white film in my pans when I cook. It went away like magic!

When I see the inventor downtown, we go out of our way to learn more and say “thank you.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Kearney, Black Hills, SD

I’m satisfied with the water taste. - Dr. Weber, South Dakota

I had purchased a $4,000 water unit that sits on my kitchen counter to improve the pH drinking water. It was way too complicated to use and only did a few things compared to the Water’s Edge unit. I sent it back. Water’s Edge goes on the whole house after the water meter, so my entire house benefits, and for only a few hundred dollars. I had a problem with chlorine in the water and water taste, and odors in the garbage disposal. Now taste is great, odor problems are gone, it uses less soap in the house, my hair has more body, the feel of the water in the shower is just wonderful. It’s such a bargain and I tell all my family and friends about it. I notice when people come over for dinner, they remark on how good the water tastes.

The company is great about answering my questions. I have two units: one in my home and one in my mountain home. I now do not have any more rust problems in our home in the mountains.

- Mic, Spearfish, SD

I’m in my 80’s and in great health. We are what we eat and drink. I wanted the best water I could drink for our health. A friend told me about the Water’s Edge System, so I ordered one for our well. It's easy to install, and have not had a problem with the system. It’s great. It also helped with the rust problem.

- J.B., Kalona, IA

We installed Water’s Edge on our 50 year old home, it worked so well we disconnected the water softener, saving us $9 per month and we don’t have to lug salt home any more. It really takes the scale out and keeps it out. Our toilet's water level scale ring just dissolved away. We flushed four inches of scale out of the water heater over three months; it now has a much faster recovery time now for the hot water. My husband used to haul water from an artesian well, 45 gals. at a time in one gallon jugs, because it tasted better and we wanted the best water we could get for our health. In the winter time it was a cold job, filling up the water jugs one at a time. Now that we don’t haul water, our water tastes even better than what we used to go 24 miles to get.

By adjusting the water sprinkler systems timer to shorter run times, we save about 30% when watering the lawn now, due to the fact the water is wetter and goes to the roots. The grass still looks just as good and we save $15-20 per month, six months a year on our water bill. We feel it will pay for itself in a few months when you add up all the benefits.

- M.C., Spearfish, SD

I work for a large national plumbing wholesale house in the Black Hills. We see all types of product come by my desk. I tried the Water’s Edge products and one way to describe it: “It’s one of those Golden Products that works every time.” I took water to work and shared it with my fellow office workers, they liked the water and now all but one has the product in their homes. They now bring water from home to work because it tastes better than bottled water, without the expense. We also sell tankless hot water heaters, this works great to prevent scale build up and reduce maintenance. I recommend it to my friends and even my Yoga instructor installed one and is really satisfied.

- Brian M., Black Hills, SD

I deliver equipment for my company to contractors. In the summer, I used to drink pop, and water just about a gallon a day on hot days and still felt thirsty. After installing the Water’s Edge system in our home, I have no interest in buying pop as my water tastes better. My wife had a very bad case of dry skin condition. Her skin looked bad, like alligator skin, itched and we had found no relief for the problem from creams to prescription drugs. She started to drink the water and in three or four days her skin started to turn nice and pink again as the cells hydrated. She likes the taste and it has saved us money from buying pop and bottled water.

- Marty O., SD

I’m a local contractor in the Black Hills who looks for natural products that are environmentally sound. Water’s Edge water system appealed to me from the standpoint of no chemicals and salt. My first taste of the water immediately after it was installed, resulted in me yelling, “Wow, that taste great, wow!” The installer of the system yelled up from the basement, “Are you ok?” I said, “Man what a difference in the water!” My house plants are looking really good.

- Josh K., Spearfish, SD

I had my Water’s Edge whole house system installed after the water meter so my home and outside faucets would be getting energized water. I like to garden and wanted my plants to benefit. It did not take long for the product to start cleaning up the water lines; that has to be healthier for us. We like the product.

- W.S., Bell Fourche, SD

Our water is very poor quality, with an abundance of lime scale and sometimes iron in the water. We have all the problems that you would expect with high lime scale & rust, faucets, showerheads, scale rings in the toilets, coffee makers do not last more than a few months, rust spots and staining in the toilets and basins. We installed the Water’s Edge system. We noticed a big improvement in taste and less scale and rust problems. It worked for me like magic! We like the product.

- Diana, Rapid City, SD

We are on local district water whose water is not very good. I used to buy bottled water by the case and bring it home, because, if I drank the water in the house it would upset my stomach. The water also contained very high lime scale levels. I had problems with white film in the pans when I cooked. If I did not clean the shower walls after every shower, the build up would be just terrible. We installed the Water’s Edge unit so that it would supply water to the livestock and the house. We installed the filter system just to the house water. Our Water’s Edge system worked like magic! I mean like magic. It changed the water quality immediately. All my scale problems are gone. I now can just wipe the chrome and it sparkles. No more cooking pan white film. I can drink and enjoy the taste of the water.

Ten days to two weeks after we installed the water unit, we had three major snow storms in 13 days, with over five feet of snow. All the rancher’s animals were stressed from the weather conditions. My husband and I noticed our animals were not scruffy looking (stressed) like all the other neighbors’ cattle. It had to be the water helping them through this difficult period.

Being ranchers, we know when cattle are stressed, the feed efficiently goes to pot and weight loss is a big problem. The Water’s Edge system is like magic, we are very pleased to find this product so reasonably priced and work so well.

- Richard and Linda, Black Hills, SD

We purchased our Water’s Edge unit because close friends told us about it. They were very pleased with the results. We installed one in our older home and it improved the taste of the water and did everything that we were told it would do. Very reasonably priced. My husband has been in business for years, so it was a pleasure to see a local manufactured product work so well.

- Johnson, SD

I was satisfied with what I learned and installed one in my home. It worked just like the literature said it would. I did an experiment on my garden. The main garden got unconditioned water and a few potted bell peppers and tomatoes received the Water’s Edge structured water. My garden had normal growth and the potted plants that received structured water were twice as big and produced twice as much and are still yielding fruit, while my garden is done for the season. I have ordered three more units for my various properties after my positive results. One is going into a summer home in the mountains. We took a drive to the mountain home, and brought along some structured water in jugs. Once you start drinking the improved water, you don’t want to drink anything else. It was a long drive to the mountain home. When we got there, I got out the water bowl for our little dog. I knew he had to be thirsty. Our “baby” just sniffed the water, had a small taste of it, and turned around and looked at me so sad like, why would you give me that? I waited for a while to see if our little dog would drink the water, he refused to touch it. So I went to the car and got the bottle of our structured water and cleaned and refilled the bowl with the good water. Our “baby” just lapped it up like ice cream. Now, you can’t train an animal to do that.

My other two Water’s Edge units are commercial units that will be installed in another state on apartment complexes. This product will pay for itself on less maintenance and much better water for my tenants. I’m very pleased with the results.

- E.Q., Porterville, CA


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