Water's Edge - System 2 Products

This system will structure all the water in your house, making it much more enjoyable and optimum for you & your families’ health. The Water’s Edge unit will address the pH balance, raising it if it is on the acidic side; it will change the taste, energy level, and bond angle to improve the water. The filter on System 2 will remove 100-97% of chlorine from your water supply for your whole house fr the first 7,000 gallons, no more drinking or bathing in chemicals! Included is the removal of sediment that is 5 microns or larger and the filter still removes 85% of chlorine at the end of the filter life. This System comes with larger filters and filter housings, the reason is because you mentioned that you have 3 or more full bathrooms in your house. This is an indicator that your pipe size is larger and has a higher flow rate that a smaller home or business, our larger filters will work well for you, and you’ll see no decrease in your water pressure. You’ll be drinking well with Water’s Edge System 2.

Make sure you choose your correct line size so that your new system will fit correctly onto your water pipes.