Water's Edge - Structured Water System

The Problem:
After being pumped through miles of straight piping, the water we use is always left stagnant, dirty, hard, filled with scale and possible bacteria-or a combination of these hard to conquer “dead” water problems.

The Solution:
Thanks to our technology, a Water’s Edge system will both condition and filter all of the water you use. When placed on your home’s main water line, the Water’s Edge technology takes your “dead” water and turns it into structured or “living” water. Water is in its best state when it is moving over rocks, tumbling down a stream, or rushing over a waterfall. In nature, water is moving. Water’s Edge recreates this process and provides you with water- just the way it’s found in nature. After structuring the water, we filter out the remaining, suspended solids and provide your entire home with incredible tasting, healthy Water’s Edge water.

The Benefits:
Our technology will balance pH and increase available oxygenation, prevent scale, improve taste, soften water (without salt!), hydrate more effectively and flush toxins and other harmful, unwanted contaminants. Water’s Edge water will also save money by eliminating the need for bottled water and allowing your pipes & appliances to last longer, with less build up.

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