Chloramine Filter 10x2.5


$27.00 $36.00

*Fits Water's Edge Under Sink System*

*Not for whole house use*

This catalytic carbon block cartridge helps reduce sediment while providing greater chloramine performance capacities than granular carbon. This cartridge utilizes advanced activated carbon technology which allows superior chloramine and chlorine reduction. This chloramine filter removes 100% of the Chloramine for 1,500 gallons and removes 100% of chlorine for 10,000 gallons and decreases nominally from there. After 3 months the typical decrease for a family of 4 is around 89-91% chloramine removal.

  • Replacement filter for Under Sink System 
  • 1 Micron Filtration
  • Fits all 10x2.5 Full Flow Filter Housings
  • 1,500 gallon capacity at 4ppm Chloramine reduction
  • 10,000 gallon capacity at 1.5 gpm Chlorine reduction
  • NSF certified components

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