Water's Edge Under Sink System

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Under Sink System will structure your drinking & cooking water, making it much more enjoyable and optimal for your health. The Water’s Edge unit will address the pH balance, raising it if it is on the acidic side. Taste greatly improves, ORP level as well as bond angle improves the body's absorption rate of the water. The filters are customizable will remove 100-97% of chlorine, chloramine, sediment, lead, fluoride and chemical byproducts from your water supply  You’ll be drinking well with Water’s Edge System Sink System!

Includes 3/8" stainless steel compression hosing which allows for direct access to incoming water line.

Mounted Model System Includes:
(1) Water’s Edge Unit with vortex technology
(1) 3-stage Heavy Duty Filter Housing with double o-rings
(1) Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket and mounting screws
(1) Wrench for filter change

(1) 5 micron sediment filter
(2) customized filters removing 100-99% of chemicals (lasts 6 months!)

2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Choose your filters

Installation requires a simple drill and small crescent wrench.

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